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I purchased the premium and the app worked for about a day. No names presented with calls and no spam blocking any longer. I feel ripped off.

I firmly believe that this app takes your info and shares it with business. Ever since I downloaded it, I started to get 5-10 unsolicited phone calls everyday. I only downloaded the app because a little girl that my daughter is friends with has boundary issues. Now suddenly I'm getting tons of calls from businesses trying to sell me stuff? Yeah right. Don't download this app.

Love this app

It’s simple. I don’t recognize the call, I don’t answer the phone. I check w Mr.Number & I can see who it is and what kind of spam or spoof. I block thru the app and on my phone.

Less time spent answering spam calls

Love Mr Number! The app alerts me when the caller is fraud so I don’t answer the call. If I do receive a call that isn’t on alert I can search the phone number to see what area it was generated from. Great app!

Great app for stopping unwanted calls.

Try the free version, it works great. I tried it for a few months and then bought the premium. I’ll pay 14.99/year to stop those spam callers.


I love this app. Way to cool


The app now prompts so often begging for a review it’s not usable. Here’s to your rating avg going down.

Love Mr number

Has saved me Sony he aggravation from spam callers and unknown callers.

Got better service when it was free

As soon as I started paying for the app, it started sucking. Keep the free version!

I get more spam calls now

After installing the app, I now get more spam and not calls than ever before


If this actually works it is the best idea ever!!!Ive only used it once so far

Used to love it, but

I really did like this app. I used it numerous times a day. Now with the update. It wants $2.99 a month to show the name of the number. It didn’t charge before and it always gave me the name unless it wasn’t available. I’ll be looking for a new app. Thanks a lot Mr. Number..

Mr. Number saved me!

I was getting a collector’s call about one of my credit cards, so without Mr. Number I would have never known!! I immediately called that card and they reversed my late charge and interest fee!! Thx SOOO much Mr. Number!!!!

Great app!

It just seems to improve with use. How rare!

Recent calls

Why can’t you use the recent call list instead of manually entering number. Did that on my AWESOME Samsung phone

I am peeved!

I understand that app companies need to make a profit too, but this is way too expensive. It is annoying that if I want this app to look up a number, I now have to pay a phenomenal fee? Why can’t it be cheaper? It’s not like I’m asking much. It’s still a good app, just too expensive for me.

Okay App

I use to check numbers unknown to me after the fact. Nine times out of ten the number has already been reported to the app, however the app has only informed me twice that a call is suspect. I understood if number had already been reported it would notify me. Oh well, it was free.


Great screening

Good app, but could be better

It’s good that the app tells me when a spam or scam call is coming in, but when I report it and ask for it to be blocked, I would expect it to block the call next time.

Doesn’t help much

I paid for a month of premium and noticed zero difference. Still got multiple spam calls almost every day and possibly one or two over the course of a month was flagged as spam. Generally I was the first to report any number that called me as spam, perhaps because this app is used by so many less people than True Caller, which seems to be the most popular from what I’ve read. Unfortunately, I tried that app also and didn’t find it worked too well either. I guess the government needs to step up and deal with this much harsher as they do with so many other things.

Basically Useless!

This app did nothing to lessen spam calls and texts on my phone. I wonder why they even created this! I could have installed nothing and got equal results! Uninstalling this worthless 💩 app.

Mr Number for iPhone is trash

Mr Number for Android worked well. Spammers were blocked. Mr Number for iPhone does not. It routinely fails to block calls from known spammers and extortion calls (like the IRS has issued a warrant - call us). It also fails to identify or block calls from numbers that have already been blocked using the App. My settings are set to block calls. It rarely blocks these calls. I have used this App for over s year and it is basically useless. Avoid the iPhone version. It makes receiving the spam calls even worse.

Doesnt work well

When it works it is great but premium doesn't really work well. Bought premium because i thought the free one was a little spotty with identification and not identifying spammy calls. Premium doesn't identify about half the numbers that are already identified as spam un there system. Stick with free version and you wont feel disappointed when the app doesn't work that great.

Incomplete Protection

Once again Mr Number did not block a known telemarketer. Dont waste your time with this app and certainly dont waste your money on premium. Total scam like the scammers they claim to block


Spam, fraud and collectors still calling and they are block.

Easy and thorough

Love it. Works seamlessly. Saves so much time

Prefix blocking

You need to come up with a way to block certain prefixes in an area code. The soaking bs Kris coming from just one prefix in the 423 area code. 380. We need this option to be able to block me garbage

Not very useful

I can’t tell any major difference with the free and premium. It seems as if I am receiving more text and spoofed calls. I would like to be able to block a certain exchange.

Great App

I was paying VERIZON for a call block service and everyday 2-3 spam/robocalls would sneak by. Mr Number is way more effective and updates every time you hit the update button to get the latest changes. Highly recommend Mr Number.

Not worth it

After having used the app for a year or so, including Premium, I don’t see the value it has. I don’t see that it does anything my phone isn’t already equipped for. I’m going to ask for my sub to be canceled and then delete the app in its entirety.



Well worth the subscription for Premium.

This app is great. Also, remember to register for the do not call list.

Mr Number

Excellent application stops potential scammers and annoying calls from being received highly recommend

Mr. Number

Love this APP! Really weeds out nonsense calls that I don’t have time for!

Thank god for apps like this one!

Has saved my phone from ringing constantly with calls from Canadian Pharmacy who will NOT stop

More spam than ever 😠

I thought it was a great idea to install this app, my husband didn’t want it, 6 months later he’s getting a spam call every now and then and I’m getting like 1-2 calls almost every day and though the numbers have been marked like spam, they aren’t blocked. Wish I never install it.

Mr number to the rescue

Saves me so much time and headaches !! Works great

Was great. Until...

Mr. Number is a great app. That was until they came out with Premium. Now I cannot identity practically ANYONE. Unless it is a business. Get rid of Premium!

Good, except

This app can’t block all numbers like this one ‭+1 (260) 239-0700‬ so only 3 stars, it does get rid of a lot of tiresome calls just not all.

Not user specific.

I receive 30 calls from area code 571 every day. I download the app, purchase premium and 2 minutes later I get a call from that area code. So I would like to know what the purpose of this is???

Worthless unless you pay for it!

Find another app because this one went from great to worthless in s month! Loved it until they now demand that you upgrade to “premium” if you want to find out if the calls are Robo calls or some other caller selling something or phishing for your info like they used to just a week or so ago. If you pay their steep monthly price for “premium” it’ll tell you. Now it’s worthless. Don’t waste your time downloading unless you’re going to pay a lot for what used to be free!!!!!

Was good, now it’s not!

Now they want you to go premium to know who is calling you😡

Wrong name

Tried the example number search. Came up with a name I’ve never heard of!

Used to be a great app

This app used to give you info on the caller but now to get info you must be a premium member. So they just want money.



Hostage taker

It seems strange that after I got this app the amount of scammer and and other bs doubled at the very least. Second if you the developer wasn’t holding the identity of a caller hostage to get me to get the upgrade I might have kept it.

It is not blocking

It is not working for me

Mike K

So easy I almost think it’s a scam!


So far, fantastic!


I like this app very much. I rate it highly 5 stars

Seems to work

Have only used for 3 days. Purchased the premium and will review again in a week or two.


This app is useless, it updates the numbers 3 days after the robocaller used it. Total waste of time

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