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I purchased the premium and the app worked for about a day. No names presented with calls and no spam blocking any longer. I feel ripped off.

I firmly believe that this app takes your info and shares it with business. Ever since I downloaded it, I started to get 5-10 unsolicited phone calls everyday. I only downloaded the app because a little girl that my daughter is friends with has boundary issues. Now suddenly I'm getting tons of calls from businesses trying to sell me stuff? Yeah right. Don't download this app.

Doesn’t block any calls

App does not block calls even though they are scams after looking up numbers, all settings set to block known telemarketers

I was paid then not work good

No work good can’t check bad people number it’s showing nothing now

Blocking unwanted calls

Great. Feature to help get rid of the telemarketers

Useless Without Comment Section

0 Stars..Was a good app until Hiya took over. The good reviews about this app are fake and probably from paid employees of Hiya. You can see the 5 star reviews are made up and written by someone who has no real knowledge of this app but trying to keep the ratings high. All the years of comments are now gone. It doesn’t block spam calls. You have to type in the number instead of it automatically populating the field for caller id. Names are not accurate on the app at all, most are made up by users so caller id is pointless on here.

Greed has made this app worse

Don’t get me wrong, this app is still worth getting and does a pretty good job. But, since they added an upgrade for money the information that the number shows has been virtually zero.

Does this really work in iOS?

Worked great on Android. It blocks pretty much nothing on iOS and every time I check to see what its doing the protection button is deselected. So it’s like a security guard that is always on a break.

Just an app to block numbers

I got this app because I have been getting multiple robocalls/scam calls a day. I thought that it would detect them and warn me (as advertised) but it has done nothing but allow me to block numbers, which I can do without the app.

Not showing caller ID after I paid for Premium

Mr number identifies prevents scammers from taken over!

Mr number

I’m not happy with this app. If I have to put numbers in to block them I don’t I may as well do it without paying.

Bad at all charging to protect you. Bad.

Bad at all charging to protect you. Bad.

Great, gets rid of annoying calls

I have had the app for a relatively short time but so far the calls have STOPPED. I was receiving multiple robo calls daily for about six months. I read about the app in a magazine, downloaded it and voila, no more calls. Great!!!!

Pat T.

The best app that I ever downloaded into my iPhone. It gives me great pleasure to be able to block scam & fraud and solicitation calls. I have been blocking unwanted calls for about 3 weeks now and I hardly ever get unwanted calls now. I would recommend this app to anyone that was as annoyed with people or robo callers as I was. In closing... IT WORKS!!!!!! TRY IT.

Life saver

So glad to have this app I get calls all day long. It my life saver

Blocking these con artists

I have happy they have an app like this I get some many scam & telemarketers phone calls 4 to 8 times a day!! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Me Number


Don’t waste your money!

There are many free apps that I tried before Mr. Number. They cut down the number of annoying marketing calls that I was receiving from between 10 and 15 a day to about two a day. I was willing to pay extra to reduce that number to zero so I purchased Mr. Number. I now get about three or four calls a day. I am very disappointed. I should have stayed with the free.

Integration with iOS is terrible compared to Android

I had Mr Number on an Android phone for many years and it worked wonderfully. Now that I have an iPhone, it only registers maybe 1 in 5 calls, the other 4 make it through.

Great app!

5 stars

Used to be helpful

This app was useful when I first started using it but now it’s useless unless you subscribe to the premium site. I’d give it zero stars but it won’t let me. Time to delete.

Barely functional

Has yet to intercept a trash call and send it to voice mail. Will ID some by a manual search after the call. At least the previous version ID'd some during incoming call. Do have the app running in the background.

Mr Number.

Great !!!

Works Great

Someone recommended Mr Number to me a few weeks ago. Since downloading the app to my phone, I have reduced questionable call to almost zero! Thank you Mr Number!

Useless as screening new scam callers

Unless I hang up and physically put number in to block this doesn’t work!! Thought when I installed Me Number it would pre screen calls since I set it to not let calls come in from suspected scam numbers. Oh well..... on to research new app

Too Basic!!

I never gave out my phone number; yet I have to pay extra money to get the identity of the people harassing me. I was told this was a free app; however, that’s not exactly true. If you want to know the person or company calling, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

Just love it!

Mr Number comes thru every time.

Not worth it

Lets through the majority of spam calls

I tell everyone about this app

Gets my phone back to being my phone again.

Does not block

App does not appear to block calls from coming thru.

Not as good as before

Used to be able to read what people would post about the numbers but now nothing ever shows up!

No longer useable

I loved it first- calls were ID’d right away and could be easily blocked checking the recent call list however, the newest version has neither of those features! Instead, the user must conduct a search by manually putting every unknown number into the search box one at a time but the results on this version are incomplete! The only way to block the number & get full search results is the user is to purchase the “premium” version (which is not mentioned in the App Store at all)! The Bottom line: Mr Number is useless unless the user is will to pay for it!

Not good anymore

Lately almost every number I try to identify I get a no name available, every once in a while I get a notice if I want the name I need to start paying for premium service. This app is turning out like the rest just, just want more money. Really a useless app.

Missing more

It is not stopping spammers as well as it used to.

Does Nothing

I am uninstalling this app today. I have been using for 10 days. It never screens calls unless I have previously copied and pasted the number into the app and done a manual lookup. I can block numbers on my iPhone quicker without having another app drain my battery.

Can’t see reports

Can’t even see reports since the update.

Great App

Does what it is intended to do!!!!

You can’t write a review

This app I use to like . You could leave a comment about the person on it . Now you sunbelt it & it doesn’t work !!! So annoying..

Doesn’t work on iPhone

No good for iPhone.

Isn’t catching 90 percent of bad calls

I had this app last year and it was much better. This time around, with spammers spoofing numbers, it’s been very ineffective and that’s the premium edition. Disappointed.

Stopped identifying spam and telemarketers

This app used to be amazing and I recommended to all my friends. It would almost always identify spam and telemarketers and I could easily ignore. Since their big update, now I get 5-10 spam calls a day and Mr Number doesn't give me a heads up. I'm not sure if it is even updating its database with new spam numbers, like it used to do daily. Thinking of removing as I'm not sure what it is even doing. Would give 5 stars if it started working as before.

Wish it had more Features

Wish I had more Features available.

Spammers Are Ahead of the Game

It’s a user-friendly app that SHOULD work but unfortunately there are too many spammers that are now utilizing a limitless number of phone numbers and they can never be all blocked. I get between 6-12 spam calls a day from the same “company” and every time they use a different number so with this app I’ll block one of the numbers but then they just call me using a different number so it’s completely ineffectual in preventing any spam calls from getting through. This is far more common anymore than the one phone number multiple calls format of the past.

Useless for blocking “neighborhood calls”

Tried this app to block “area code prefix” robo calls, known as “neighborhood” calls. This app does not allow for this type of blocking. Deleted app.

Doesn’t work anymore

What’s the point of having your app???????? It doesn’t prevent anything. It used to work now it doesn’t block a single for call. Deleted.

Charging money

It need to pay money isn’t that good about that.


This app used to be good. This new version gives you no information why even have it?


Very upset there was an update this year to charge to identify. This service used To be free what happened ?! Uninstalling cause without paying MONTHLY this app is useless now.

Please fix this

Wish it still showed the recent call list.

Does not work

I have iOS 11+ and still doesn’t work. I waisted 14.99 a year for this. I tried deleting and reinstalling still no change.

Gone downhill

To get anything, you have to upgrade.

don't waste your time

This app used to be good, but now it's worthless. Since they introduced the premium version, the free version does absolutely nothing, doesn't tell you who's calling or if it's a solicitor or some other type of spam. Unless you want to pay for the premium version, go somewhere else.

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