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I purchased the premium and the app worked for about a day. No names presented with calls and no spam blocking any longer. I feel ripped off.

I firmly believe that this app takes your info and shares it with business. Ever since I downloaded it, I started to get 5-10 unsolicited phone calls everyday. I only downloaded the app because a little girl that my daughter is friends with has boundary issues. Now suddenly I'm getting tons of calls from businesses trying to sell me stuff? Yeah right. Don't download this app.

OV Lady

Love this app. So. Ice not to get unwanted calls. I’ve told numerous friends about too.

Mr Number

After being identified as spam or telemarketers the number is still allowed to ring through

Cannot Add numbers 'starting with'..

The Android version allows much more control over what numbers you can block. For instance you can block all numbers starting with any sequence of numbers. That effectively blocks spammers who continuously change their call number's last digits to get around blocking by users. Unfortunately the IOS version only allows you to block numbers on your contact list which is a waste of time because IPhone already has that feature built in so a its a bit of a waste of time using this app on IPhone...

Bad bad bad

Does not work, period!!

Not gonna pay

Liked the app until they required you to pay to see the name of who called. I’ll find another free app before I’ll pay for something Caller ID could do in the 90’s



Search should be linked to recent calls

Search should be linked to recent calls so they can be easily selected and blocked

Does what it says

I was getting at least 200 spam calls from car warranty company’s and telemarketers that was blowing up my phone everyday so I downloaded this app and now they are blocked from calling me thank you mr number


After only 10 days or so 99% of unwanted spam/telemarketing calls stopped!


Looks like another "get what you pay for" app... pay nothing, get nothing...

Integrate with current calls

This should be able to read all my calls and transpose if those numbers are spam. I shouldn’t have to copy and paste

Used to be amazing, now not very useful

I have use this app for a very long time. In the past I found it incredibly useful as it allowed me to not only block numbers are messages from certain numbers, but also allowed me to see who was calling me from various numbers and if it was reported as spam or not. Unfortunately now they have most of the information behind a pay wall with their new premium service. I now can look up a number, but I can’t see who was actually calling me unless I want to pay extra. This app used to be amazing now it’s pretty much only useful for blocking specific numbers which I can do via my phone settings. It should also be noted that blocking a number via this app doesn’t actually prevent the number from calling you, it just auto hangs up the call for you. It would also delete text messages you’re getting. I am also incredibly disappointed in this app because they collect a ton of data and I don’t believe that they are using it in an ethical manner. Highly recommend uninstalling and deleting this app.


Why do I have to record the number to put it in Mr. Number I should be able to go to recent calls and add it to Mr. Number so that I can block it?

Great but doesn’t always block calls.

It does a good job at flagging many potential spam calls. It does not always block spam though even when you select that option. I have “blocked” a few and still get calls from a couple of those same numbers.

No Good

This app was better b4 the changes. It’s of no good use I am deleting it.


It alerts you for scam calls but doesn’t block them. I paid for the $14.99 for the year and plan on cancelling next year because the paid version doesn’t do anymore than the free version. I feel taken advantage of.

Does not work on my iPhone

Does not work on my iPhone. I allowed it to block through settings and also send notifications and NOTHING. So disappointed!

Not working

I have to copy and paste the number to see who it is 😡😡

Go Plan Phones

Seems to do great on everything except I tried it on my boyfriends GoPlan phone number and it gave a name I’ve never heard of before.

Worked at first. Not so much now.

Worked great at first. Now I’m back to constantly getting bogus calls. Even some out of the country calls which is scary I don’t answer them but sure if you did without international calling it would scam you out of money some how.

Too soon to tell...

Seems to work ok so far. Don’t know if I can trust it just yet. But so far it’s good

Does not block spam calls

What good is that when it relies on the user to input spam numbers to block? Was good at first now not working well. Waste if money. Best to just not answer our phones anymore.

Does not always alert you

I get calls that are not indicated by this app as a telemarketer or such. I then have the app look up the number and it shows as a telemarketer or potential scam. Does me no good after the fact. Don’t really see the benefit. I tried the premium and see no difference at all. Don’t waste your money.

Hasn’t worked so far

I’ve tried this for less than two weeks and it doesn’t work so far. Average of three calls per day from US pharmacy or credit card scams etc.

Used to be good

This app is great at first! Once you get past the first month or so everything comes up with just a number and you have to pay in order to get a name for whoever’s calling you. Used to be a lot of them came up as scams, or possible scams. It won’t even do that anymore! And I’m sure the scammers didn’t just suddenly stop calling me! Waste!

Great app

The best blocker

Ok app

Crashes on my IPhone 7 with IOS 12.

Not worth the money

Premium has little more information than without premium

Useless app

Absolutely useless

Used to really like it but it changed

You used to be able to go to the information on the call and press to copy it and it would pop up as soon as you opened the app and said would you like us to look up this number? You did not have to copy and paste it in and you do now?!! Unfortunately when I deleted Hiya (ads to pay to upgrade ) it also deleted Mr. Number and I lost all my NUMEROUS numbers as well! 🤬

Not happy!

I have had this app for about a week maybe two and I have gotten nothing but spam phone calls all that look like mine that are supposedly spoofed that they’re supposed to block and they haven’t block not one

Blocked in Mr. Number, number still got through

A number was a neighborhood scam, but the app didn’t block. I manually blocked and reported it as spam. Next day, it still got through. Now I’ve blocked at the system level. Unfortunately, you can’t tell how many numbers get blocked. FAQ says this is an iOS problem. Apparently you have to keep the app active somehow in order for it to update. Today I opened it in the App Store, and it updated.

Mister number


It’s okay

I still get A LOT of spam calls that get through.

Great in theory

This app would be amazing if it worked. I report 10 numbers to every one it warns me about. I feel like I’m doing them a service instead of vice versa. I definitely wouldn’t pay for it. Because it is free I leave it on my phone for the once in a blue moon time that it warns me about a telemarketer.

No Caller ID

I was told by a Verizion tech that Mr. Number would block calls I’ve been getting from No Caller ID. I have not been able to find a way to block this unidentified number using your app. If you can I’d appreciate your help.

Bad app

Most of the times the name doesn’t shown and I am paid for it

Does not work, waste of time

The calls keep coming in, the number has already been flagged by someone else that uses this app but are not blocked by the app, the number is only marked but not blocked, what’s the point!👎. I myself had flagged many spam/scam numbers, waste of time!

Can’t block entire area code

Can’t block entire area code

Don’t work

Never worked for me!

Awesome app!

Was about to call chase and a few other people to verify that my accounts where about to be frozen said a voicemail. But after using this app to look up the number, total spam. GET THIS APP!

Not working

I paid money to Block spam andScam calls. Hasn’t blocked one call. I entered my own phone number. It gave me the wrong name. On my IPhone 6 S +.

Very good at giving me who called

I have signed up for a full year. It has helped me on who to block and who is legit. I plan on using for the year and I hope to use it afterwards.

Not much blocking

I still get as many spam calls as ever. Maybe 1 in 20 is identified by Mr. number

Good info in, poor info back

Mr. number doesn’t seem to want to let me know of potential spam or telemarketers in advance. I guess I need to purchase the upgrade for that feature. It takes the telemarketer numbers I put in pretty readily. Not the best product.

Mr Number

Great app. do yourself a big favor get premium membership it’s a no brainer it’s well worth the yearly rate it’s only $14.99 and it identifies cell phone numbers and spam etc.

Not good anymore

Terrible since the last update. Very critical to see the comments on numbers. No use for this app anymore I had to uninstall it.

Mr. number

Must have

Call blocker

Don’t waste your time with this app! It does not work! I keep getting calls from the calls that are listed as blocked over and over. This does not block anything. I’m wondering if it signals people to call. I have an awful lot of unwanted phone calls ever since putting this on. Don’t bother with this. I am a real user.

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